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Band of the week 2nd January 2010

The first number one for the new decade on the Indie Bands Blog, Band of the Week Chart, is Lunaria from Argentina

Five countries are represented in the top ten this week, with two new entries making their debut. With visitors from 40 countires representing every continent, barring Antarctica, the chart is a real reflection of musical preferneces around the globe.



Band of the week: Top 10. Saturday 26th December 2009.

  1. Lunaria Argentina (re-entry)
  2. Gary War USA (+ 2 places)
  3. DeLasAguas Argentian (new entry)
  4. The Drums USA  (- 3 places place)
  5. Krakatoa UK (- 2 places)
  6. The Gadsdens UK (- 4 places)
  7. Them Bird Things Finland/USA (+ 1 place)
  8. Elspeth UK (new entry)
  9. Long Long Showers Sweden (- 3 places)
  10. Woven Bones USA (new entry)

Lunaria With their intense bass and songs about the self destructive nature of humanity, are easily accessible to music listeners.

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2 Responses to “Band of the week 2nd January 2010”
  1. manu says:

    Lunaria se sarrrrpa

  2. jakub says:

    mono stereo please

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