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Band of the month March 2010

Junkstar debut at number one  in the band of the month chart on the indie bands blog for March 2010



1.    Junkstar England (new entry)
2.    The Steepwater Band USA (+ 8 places)
3.    Fez UK (+ 2 places)
4.    Elephantom USA (- 3 places)
5.    The Brassic UK (- 3 places)
6.    Reader’s Wives Ireland (- 2 places)
7.    Gaoler’s Daughter UK (+ 4 places)
8.    The Drums USA (- 5 places)
9.    The Gadsdens UK (- 3 places)
10.   Divorce Scotland (re-entry)
11.   Space Creator Band USA (new entry)
12.   Kabul Dreams Afghanistan (+ 6 places)
13.   The Heartbreaks England (new entry)
14.   The XX England (re-entry)
15.   Krakatoa UK (- 6 places)
16.   The Supernovas England (re-entry)
17.   Bombay Bicycle Club England (re-entry)
18.   My Glorious Austria (- 10 places)
19.   Let Her Dive Italy (new entry)
20.   Brett Gleason USA (- 5 places)

Junkstar with their blend of electro-trippy pop and engaging musical inter-play are gaining an ever wider fan-base as they continue to play live regularly in and around London.

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One Response to “Band of the month March 2010”
  1. brian says:

    re: junkstar saw them live last year they are definitely one to watch, very good front man, solid musically and they look good. Couple of their songs I had heard on their myspace were much better live too.
    worth checking out

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