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An Interview with The Mouth of Ghosts

The Mouth of Ghosts,  an electro-indie five piece made up of Alla Seydalieva (vocals), Simon Langford (guitar), Marco Italia (bass), Phil Page (drums) and Valerie Deniz (vocals / synth) is based in London, England.

The Mouth of Ghosts

The Mouth of Ghosts

The Mouth of Ghosts seems to have developed in numbers over time, rather than all the members getting together at the off – How did that come about?

The band was originally a bedroom project. Simon wrote about ten songs originally and recorded them at home, with initially another singer. Then the decision came to start playing live, so the band started getting put together. Marco joined first, then Alla, then Phil and most recently Valerie.  The line-up now is perfect, I can’t imagine it ever changing, everyone is integral to the sound. We have grown both as musicians and a band in a very short space of time.

A Single coming out (29th October 2012) – When The Sun Sets – and newly signed to Red Dragon Records. What made you choose this particular track as the release and why with Red Dragon?

Red Dragon Records have been great. They loved the track and their ideas and aims for When the Sun Sets fell closely in line with our own. The track is probably our most upbeat and ‘contagious’ song. That coupled with its popularity at live shows made it an obvious choice for release.

It is also rumoured you are planning another release later this year, an EP or another single – any more you can let the readers know about that?

We are constantly working on new material and are keen to get what we feel is our best material out there. At the moment the current EP and When the Sun Sets debut release later this month takes top priority. However that’s not to say another release isn’t in the pipeline, as we’d love to get back in the studio soon. Watch this space…!

With all that studio time can we still catch you playing live?

Sure, we have a busy gigging schedule all of which can be found on our website. The next few gigs that are coming up include Tue Oct 09 at The City Showcase @ 93 Feet East (London) and The When the Sun Sets launch party Oct 26th at Mother Live (London).

And one final one – What else would I have asked you that you would like people to know?

Just to be sure to keep a close eye on the website, Twitter and Facebook pages. All of our latest news, reviews and gig dates are there and regularly updated. That and of course to invite you and all of your readers to come down to the show on the 26th and grab a copy of When the Sun Sets when it’s released on October 29th!

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