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Gaoler’s Daughter – Cordelia – Video only

Gaoler’s Daughter are in the run up to a Single and LP release. In advance of the single set for the 12th August they have release a video for Cordelia which is taken from the forthcoming debut LP.

Gaoler's Daughter

Gaoler’s Daughter

I particularly enjoy being with a band through their development and I first reviewed Gaoler’s Daughter in 2009 and they remain a perennial favourite of readers of the Indie Bands Blog with regular appearances in the band of the week, band of the month and New Year Ninety charts. I have had the opportunity to take a listen to the eleven track LP – How To Make Time - which is set for release on 23rd August 2013 – I will review it in early August and I am sure that once again it will raise a smile for fans of independent music, particularly with the evolution of the band. Ben Hutchinson and I fall in and out of connections – but you would expect me not to have a smooth path with anyone over three years.

The distinctive vocals of John Sterry remain as fresh and dynamic as ever, the drum-kit dancing across the stage which those who have seen Gaolers Daughter play live will anticipate with as much enthusiasm as I as Ben tests the strength of the adhesives, Alfie Ambrose – who keeps it all together with his solid bass remains as stoical as ever with the chaos unfurling around and Alex Mahood – tempers the maverick and is subtly more in-line with what else is going on – I heard a rumour he was once spotted to actually take a cue, but you know how rumours can be….

Until the full LP review – here is Cordelia.

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