A message of thanks to one and all

I don’t intend this to read like one of those awards ceremony speeches but it has been a little while since I passed on a public thanks to – well – many people.

Tim - Indie Bands Blog

Tim – Indie Bands Blog

First and foremost – to you the reader of the website. Much as I may seem to like the sound of my own voice, it is much appreciated that you take the time out of your day to head over here and take a look at what is happening. Put up with my diversions, manage to get through the videos and listen to the music. Without you, there would be no point in the site existing.

Which neatly leads on to the musicians. Without their creativity, well I would have nothing to write and no excuse for trying to work out when I can drop in some of the longest words in the English lexicon, including the 183 letter word which found its way in to the review of (the) Umbrella Cult. I am still looking for the opportunity to include all 3 900 letters for bovine NADP and the slightly excessive 189 819 for the protein Tintin.

In all seriousness. I extend my thanks to the creators who make all this possible and long may you keep on creating, even if I don’t decide to write a review. That is a reflection of me, not of the value you add to the world. Keep creating, you make the world a better place.

To the Sponsors, thank you for keeping the food arriving and the bills being paid.

Bearing in mind that the music industry is undergoing such flux at the moment a new series has been started called indie music tips, which you may have seen appear.

I would particularly like thank those who have freely taken the time out of their busy schedules to give some thoughts and ideas on how to connect musicians and fans in a way that makes sense to everyone.

I am keen to speak to more people, particularly music fans as at the end of it all – you are the ones who matter most. If you feel strongly about any aspect of the music industry and would like to be part of the series, please drop me a note to tim @ indiebandsblog.com.

Finally, a moment of self indulgence. I would like to add my thanks to my co-founding partner Julie Norbury, who died on the 30th September 2011, for being the inspiration for the website in the first place.

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