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FTC compliance statement

The Indie Bands Blog, posts articles which reflect the views and opinions of the article author. The website owner has final editorial decision on all articles which appear on the blog.

During the normal course of activity, the Indie Bands Blog do regularly receive free CDs and digital music releases. All articles have been written where FREE audio tracks have been received, for which in most cases the general public would be expected to purchase that music release. Where an article has been paid for, this is clearly displayed at the beginning of the relevant post as a Sponsored Article.

Off site links to digital downloads, physical product and ticket sales which require purchase are normally remunerated links.

Links to offsite pages unrelated to the owner of the website, in the template of the website are typically remunerated advertising.

During the normal course of activity, the Indie Bands Blog is regularly invited to attend shows and release events, to which the general public are expected to pay an entrance fee. These tickets are normally provided for a named person plus a guest and may offer additional privileges, including back stage pass etc.