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Back in 2005, Evgeny Zheyda formed Thorn1, in the High Altai, perhaps the best climbing ground in the world, away from the tourist trail and one of only two places I have ever hitch-hiked a helicopter flight, but that is another story all together. Since those days he has moved to Ukraine, where news of the latest material is a little slow in forthcoming.



Despite the image, the creative electronics is what makes this of real interest. Visions of high mountains and glaciers sweep over the mindset, as Thorn1, traverse an arête, the audience meanwhile watch crampons hold firmly, as ice picks crack in to position. This is music of its place, deftly cleaved in to an expanse of nature, the soundscape echoing sharply from pillars of rock with a tinkling reverb.

It is always a pleasure to hear music which is so at one with the landscape, we hear it from some of the remote Scandinavian bands, whereas the mainstream is influenced by the urban. Folk, classics, or perhaps a portrait of its space, Thorn1 can not fail but to transport the listener to a space far away from the issues of everyday life.

I hope they re-emerge from the Ukrainian wilderness to continue to challenge the listener with the contemporary experimentation which explores the complex geographic formations of the vast expanse of the High Altai.


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