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The Supernovas

The Supernovas from London, have been around in one form or another since 2003, but the current line-up of Joei Silvester (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), Rizo (Lead Guitar), Panashe Nyandoro (Bass) and Moses Elliott (Drums) has been together for three years. The songwriting is split between Joei and Rizo, with the instrumentation developed in rehearsal. The band is influenced by a wealth of music, Colombian, Ugandan, Zimbabwean, Jamaican, Northern Soul and Motown to name a few, which reflects in the output.

With both Rizo and Joei having been born in 1987, the same year as the last naked eye sighting of a Super Nova from earth, the band name does have a personal attachment. Energized by the fun of creating music and playing, The Supernovas bring their own blend of influences to ’80s new wave and ’70s punk.

The Supernovas

The Supernovas

The highly fuzzed guitar takes me straight back to a guy called Dave, who used to play guitar in my band in the deep and distant past. High voltage rock is controlled as the bass and drums crack out an energetic framework to the song. The Supernovas write about the current social landscape, with music that reflects the morass of life which they write about. With the layered vocals on many of the tracks, the lyric is given an extra boost, determined that the message is not lost in the powerful instrumentation.

The Single Ace Face a wryly written lyric reflects the Northern Soul influences of the band, with a nod to to the UK Subs.

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Back in October Laurence from 360dgm passed me over a promo copy of the single Ace Face, which I just didn’t get a chance to listen to at the time, I got older, the CD gathered dust. Tidying up one day in December brought the CD back to life and I immediately regretted not playing this straight away and getting The Supernovas on the site. After a slight delay in getting hold of Joei, here we are 3 months later, apologies to Laurence and the guys in the band.

With a new single Slaughter In The Gaza due for release in the near term and numerous gigs around the UK, it would be worth trying to catch The Supernovas when they are in town.

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