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The Paraffins

The Paraffins from Knockentiber in Scotland is driven by Billy Paraffin, which can loosely be termed a collective, as his creative songwriting and arrangement draws in a range of musicians to work with him on various projects.

The Paraffins Photo by Liza Brett

The Paraffins Photo by Liza Brett

Self described as ‘acoustic/casio powered psychedelic pop’, The Paraffins successfully make my life seem a more fulfilled place when listening to the fusion of sounds. It has the trippy electro pop beat, which is underlayed by a genuinely creative artist.

Billy takes us on a journey which seems blighted by misfortune, but at every twist of sand thrown in my eye, he diverts to a space I want to find myself. The Paraffins are superb exponents of lo-fi production. A plethora of beats and instruments keep the music fresh on each play. Dance-beats are replaced by sounds which should jar against every synapse, but it all works.

What makes this work? Simply, The Paraffins are an honest act, with the credibility and more importantly musical capability to bring off their challenging craft. I could fill a few more paragraphs on how they manage to encapsulate with such minimalism, what so may bands fail to evoke with multi-layered mixes, but it would do little to add value. The essence of The Paraffins is the evocation in your own heart, not in mine.

I am aiming to get an interview arranged with Billy soon and will let you know more.

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