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The Malingerers

Glad to be able to write about another local band, The Malingerers from Peterborough in the UK are a four piece band who play acoustic country Blues. Comprising Kevin Murphy (Vocals and Lead guitar), Craig Murphy (Harmonica, guitar and vocals) Andy Donovan (Double Bass and vocals) and Julian Stone (Drums and vocals). Who said computer design buffs didn’t have a sense of humour? I got talking to Andy as part of the process of shortlisting for the new template design for the website, while his firm didn’t end up the winning the contract, I am pleased to help dispel the myth of technology.

The Malingerers

The Malingerers

The music just can’t help but get in to my veins, it’s a bit like Johnny Cash, much as I try to deny this side of my psyche, it is just there fighting to get out. Predominately a live band, The Malingerers are relatively new, having formed out of the dust from another local band. Already gaining local momentum, they have spread their wings to London sets. Some bands can sound as though they are actually have a good time and play some good old heart fashioned music and make it work, The Malingerers are one of them.

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