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The Gadsdens | Update February 2010

Back in October 2009, I wrote a brief review of The Gadsdens and it somehow seemed appropriate to get an up to date version on the site.

The Gadsdens are an East London, UK based band who’s Single The Sailor Song The Gadsdens*, had made a big impact even prior to its release. The song was used by Greenpeace, WaterAid and Oxfam’s joint charity awareness video on The Pyramid stage at Glastonbury Festival. The piano and vocal immediately resonated with many. It wasn’t until November that the single was finally released.

Jody Gadsden (Vocals) and Simon Neilson (Piano), were joined by David Roman (Drums),  Barney JC (Guitar) and Jihea Oh (Bass) to create the distinctive sound that has continued to gain fans where ever they travel.

The Gadsdens

The Gadsdens

The band finely balance indie-pop with far more creative composition, to generate a sound which has the listeners bouncing like fish rising to the surface for food one moment, then entranced by the superb musicianship the next. There is an underlying sense of fun which leaves the audience with a sense of, not just feel-good, but genuine smiles, at the same time an appreciation for some great musical scores.

The Gadsdens are one of few bands who have managed to take the Piano and make it an integral part of an act which can be taken seriously. While The Sailor Song has become the route for introduction to the band for many people, they are far more than a one trick pony and the outfit combines to take the listener on a superb flight of soaring vibrato vocal, well crafted hooks and warm guitar, with the ever present piano enabling the band to extract some real gems.

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Looking forward to where The Gadsdens take us next.

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