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Gordon Duthie

Gordon Duthie is a self-funded under the radar 21st Century indie folk singer songwriter from Aberdeen in Scotland.

Gordon Duthie

Gordon Duthie

Thank you for indulging me over the past three days to reminisce over the never did happen fortieth birthday of my partner and the co-founder of Indie Bands Blog and Company Secretary for AIUK Julie Norbury and somehow this seems the right space to return with. I was tempted by an earthy aggressive band, but found a perfect foil with the acerbity of reflections on social mores and musical competence in Gordon Duthie.

Choosing to hide behind the scenes is an interesting start from the blocks and I am still not sure why Gordon won’t push himself forward with more confidence, though I am delighted he made a punch to make contact with me.

This is a delightful space in which to engage, Gordon is able shrink-wrap his pride in Scotland with his disdain at a world having lost its way, delivering the contents, which range between clear acoustics through to lo-fi electronics, with a  delivery of a sharp reflection on the space around, as the best in folk manage to describe in the genres typically understated manner.

The sense of isolation from a world at sea palpitates through the music which is a wordsmith tour de force. Does this make Gordon a songwriter rather than a performer, which I guess is where his reticence lies? Far from it, the music and vocal delivery stand the testament of the word content. In fact it is that abrasive rugged North Eastern Coastline which adds to the whole context.

An MSc resulted in a thesis and dissertation on music distribution strategies, but Gordon Duthie is far better focussed on the reflective of the 21st Century. Keep with it Gordon and I hope Siobhan continues in her heart to support this vein of drilling.


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