Echo Arcadia

Echo Arcadia is the Edinburgh, Scotland based alternative indie septet of Leigh Moyes (Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar), Vonny Moyes (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Euan Mushet  (Bass), Dan Ciesielski (Drums), Kev Tierney (Guitar / Vocals /Trumpet), Pete Nicholson (Keys / Vocals) and Andrew Gray (Violin / Vocals).

Echo Arcadia

Echo Arcadia

Echo Arcadia are one of those introductions that sat in my inbox for quite some time – February 7th to be more precise, on this occasion the delay worked out well as the band line-up shortly afterwards underwent an expansion.

With what amounts to almost a symphony at their disposal it would be very easy for Echo Arcadia to add layer upon layer of sound, but they don’t – the material has a spectral feel as the haunting melodies are played through the various instruments, emerging through the speakers, as though a ghostly apparition. The open spaces the band introduces to their music gives the listener room to add their own imagination to the latticework.

Carefully crafted compositions enable Echo Arcadia deliver a sound that pulls on the darker paths in the mind, whilst providing a calm space in which to let the mind wander – akin to a session with a psychiatrist set to song.

There is a new LP – Beauty In An Average Life, which is coming out in July. I have had the pleasure of listening to the LP and will review it nearer the time. For now – Echo Arcadia is continuing to gig and broaden their fan-base outside Scotland.


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