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Operator Six

From Bradford in the UK, Operator Six, play well paced rock, with considerable confidence. Adam Boyce (Vocals/guitar), brother Alex Boyce (guitar), Darren Akeroyd (bass) and Ian Atkinson (drums), Darren, Ian and Alex having been to college together before forming the band in 2005.

Operator Six

Operator Six

Operator Six are another band who play with two guitars the Boyce brothers playing superbly off the back of one another, with Akeroyd adding depth to the guitar line up with his bouncy bass playing. Atkinsons drums are used effectively, sometimes leading the band by the scruff of the neck on other occasions quietly pushing the music forwards. To my ears many of the tracks are reminiscent of the Clash, with vocals heavily echoed, to superb effect.

Operator Six can be found touring up and down the country regularly and it would be a good idea to take out an evening to get to see them. Details of tour dates will be made available on the indie bands blog tour news section soonish.

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Thanks to Garry for bringing Operator Six to my attention. You too can contact me via the contact form with a band you would like to see on the Indie Bands blog.

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3 Responses to “Operator Six”
  1. steve says:

    brilliant band,

  2. Caroline says:

    Fantastic band


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