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Yes Cadets

Yes Cadets is an indie-pop band from Belfast in Northern Ireland which was formed when the trio of Alan Haslam (vocals / guitar), Lisa Mageean (vocals / drums) and Steven Matthews (bass) got together in 2009.

Yes Cadets

Yes Cadets

Yes Cadets offer up to the ears some of the best reverbed guitar dreamy rock being played at the moment. They don’t put a fold wrong in their luxuriant mousse textures that wash into the listeners consciousness as easily as whipped cream. It would be easy to just concentrate on merely the froth, but inside the air-bubbles lies a strong out-put.

The material delivers at the aural level and equally importantly there is something that perfuses into the soul. The basic constructions are relatively straightforward progressions, it is the route that the instruments take to deliver those basic structures, which adds the real value to this music, adding dimensions of textures and mood to the sounds.

Well received on the European Festival circuit, their recorded material is also gaining ground. Yes Cadets is a band with the potential of an interesting future ahead of them. It is their ability to play highly listenable material which also has the depth of skill to engage both froth fans and listeners seeking a more engaging sound.


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