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Gaoler’s Daughter

Hailing from South London in the UK, Gaoler’s Daughter, who have only been playing together for a year are already making an impact on the indie music scene. Alfie Ambrose (Bass), John Sterry (Vocals), Ben Hutchinson (Drums) and Alex Mahood (Guitar), who had played in bands prior to forming Gaoler’s Daughter and set out from the concept to create a band which although having a distinct sound would not become centred on one style of music. The sense of escapism runs deep in the band, The name coming from Wind in the Willows, where Mr. Toad, was released from prison by the bands namesake.

Gaoler's Daughter - photo credit Ben Clarke

Gaoler's Daughter - photo credit Ben Clarke

In a fairly lengthy conversation with Ben (and thanks for taking the time out Ben, much appreciated) he pointed out that many people were unfamiliar with the derivative spelling of jail, which resulted in the band either being mispronounced, or mispelt. So if you see posters for a band called Jailer’s Daughter, or hear someone talking about Goal-ers Daughter, they may well be talking about this great band from South London.

Freeing the band members from closed thinking, creating music with which they all feel comfortable is something that the members of the band do successfully. Gaoler’s Daughter are keeping themselves busy, with an EP coming out on the 1st December, The only way to travel, (I will get a review done on this later in the week) and a desire to keep out on the road and their second EP, currently project named ‘Alchemy‘ under way.

It is great to be able to write about a band which has the confidence to set out from the start with the clear remit of ‘let’s do what we enjoy, regardless of genre’. It is a difficult feat, as the stylistic changes can often lead to a band sounding either unformed, or an alienated fan-base. Neither is the case with Gaoler’s Daughter, as the distinctive voice of John makes for an unmistakable sound. The musical capabilities of the band are undisguised, as they handle with ease a mix of genres. The only way to travel, sees the band in reflective mood, ‘Alchemy‘ will be defined by a harder edge to the output.

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I hope to get out to see them soon and get a report on the indie bands blog of Gaoler’s Daughter as a live band.

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