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Fez, who originate from Chepstow comprise: Jon Chantarasak (Drums / backing vocals), Mike Clarke (Bass / Backing vocals), Will Jacks (Vocals / rhythm guitar) and Alex Smyth (lead guitar), have moved to London, where the group of friends who have known each other since school are beginning to stretch their musical wings, with gigs in London coming up over the next few months and they plan to get more material available as they have recently secure their own recording gear.



It is great to hear about bands who have formed out of strong friendships and manage to translate that in to a strong musical output and the guys in Fez are able to take an idea in to the practice room and bash it in to shape, without egos being crushed or friendships being broken.

The delivery of their music, which reminds me of the New Wave bands of the late ’70s and early ’80s is characterized by rolling drums and double time guitar chords offset by a distinctive vocal from Will.

Much of the music is played in the upper guitar range with the two guitars echoing chords from each other, which creates an urgency that is counter balanced by the rolling drum, which will suddenly bounces to a strong beat duet with the bass. The construction of the songs is tight and through the layers of guitar and vocal, this is music which demands attention.
They have the strength to hold the fast rhythm well and can as comfortably keep a tight grip on slower off-beat pieces.

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As regular readers of the blog know, my heart lives in thumping bass lines, Fez are another of the bands who can play at the other end of the range and keep me interested. I am hoping to catch the guys next month and look forward to some of their strong anthems which I am sure resonate really well with a live audience.

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13 Responses to “Fez”
  1. Alec Pitter says:

    What a wierd and wonderful name you have Ivan Danko, Ukrainian if I am not mistaken? You are right about Fez though – them boys are setting things straight

  2. Ivan Danko says:

    Vote Fez!

    This band sounds great. I’m an instant fan.

  3. Silvi Reussner says:

    Vote Fez! Sounds great!

    Good luck!

  4. Neesh says:

    Vote Fex! they’re the greatest!

  5. Rachel says:

    Fez is best!

  6. rosie says:

    vote fez.

  7. Beccy Jones says:

    Vote Fez!


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