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XOVA is WayneStuart, James, Skins, Boot and Mikey a fusion reggae band from Birmingham in England.



Bringing together a mix of music from around the world with a strong reggae / ska spine running through much of the material, XOVA (pronounced cross over – well there is often the odd jar in this world of SMS typing – and that is the only negative comment I have to make about the band and I must say I prefer the ‘zova’ pronunciation that immediately comes to my minds eye) are strongly influenced by sounds from the past which shared a message in common – social and political unrest. They turn these themes and roots to grow a new sound, the sound of the second decade of the 21st Century with a multi-generational / multi-racial line-up to reflect on a world that is still churning in the same strife as ever.

What XOVA have been able to do with their mix of influences is to rewrite the ever grinding rage in to songs of hope and a spark for the future and it is this uplifting, but grounded message that resonates so well with those who touch their out-put. Received well in the festival circuit, they are set to play at The Isle Of Wight Festival, yet they remain something of a mystery to the mainstream, which to me is a good thing, but with their undoubted ability is possibly set to change in short order.

The songs are immediately engaging, danceable, and sing-alongable to, so they have, in addition to a sound that evidently captures the attention of those with an ear to the genuine, a ready accessibility for those who prefer their music on a poster. XOVA do from time to time flow into mainstream pop and here I must say I hit fast forward, but those is my issues, which as a regular reader you know well, not theirs.

Long may they continue to focus their sounds around the wrap of fusion reggae with their positivity which is deserving of credit on its own merit.


The Soho Road Sessions – Single – XOVA is available on iTunes*.

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