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Whitemoor a band from Derby in England is made up of Barrington (Guitars),  Benny (Vocals),  Tom (Drums), Luke (Bass) and Louise (Piano/Synth/Strings) first spoke to me back a year ago, as regular readers will know the past 18 months have been a little off keel and for those who are new to the website, yes… my assurance that I will listen to every submission, though maybe not in 5 minutes really does hold true.



Please take a step forward Louise, the added value to Whitemoor lies here. Of course in a band without the whole sound the signature sound would be just ‘another noise’ in the breeze. Whilst perfectly acceptable without the addition, that is where we would lay, so thank you Louise and this is how music thrives, a twist and we have something special.

Very able songwriters met before they headed off for a first take. This doesn’t sound hugely rehearsed, yes there is a synthetic element, but surely that can be forgiven as the repertoire lends an evening of joy.


The eponymous LP by Whitemoor is available on Whitemoor - Whitemoor*

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