We Were Frontiers

We Were Frontiers is a good old fashioned Rock ‘n’ Roll quintet from Leeds in England comprising Stuart Wright, Matthew Wright, Richard Denby, James Johnston and Aimee Robinson.

We Were Frontiers -  rock 'n' roll from the UK

We Were Frontiers

As always a top notch rock-a-billy sound finds me prancing round the office more than it finds me hitting the keys to describe the music. We Were Frontiers smuggle the material inside a wrapper of angst, but scratch beneath the surface and you will find a band to whom your spine will just twitch and before you know it, your body will be twitching in time.

Of intrigue is the wrapper, which reminds me of the days when there was real paper and real thought into the outer-layer of sweets. Those of my generation will spot the difference between year 2013 Quality Street wrappings and the real thing, for those not –  think a real HTC One and a fake one, you just know when it settles in your hand and so we find We Were Frontiers, where their material at the core derives from the era of rock and roll, but the value is in the outer layers. Which for regular readers of the website will be as bemused as I in writing it – the outer layer is the real essence of a band which has a sentient core.

I could write another thousand words to explain it, but rather than that, have a listen. Inside you will find core rock ‘n’ roll – outside you will find the flavour.


Giveth Taketh Away – EP – We Were Frontiers is available on iTunes*.

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