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Violet Class

Violet Class is an indie rock five piece from Reading in England comprising James Fearn (Vocals), Jack Barnes (Bass / Vocals), James Mortimore (Lead Guitar), David Storrar (Rhythm Guitar) and Adam Mitchell (Drums).

Violet Class

Violet Class

Taking a listen to Violet Class and the genealogy of Brit Pop from it’s roots with the likes of The Kinks becomes ever clearer. A wall of reverberd guitar heralds the way for what is in essence sharply defined song compositions they utilise the rhythm to good effect as it adds an additional dimension to the music that creates something of a differential.

The quintet take the material to fairly extensive lengths with many tracks running at over the four minute mark and were I to have a criticism, it would be to posit that the songs could be briefer without loosing their story-line, but as you well know I think a 3 minute track on its own almost qualifies as an LP.

I enjoy what Violet Class has to say as the compositions contain: Definition; Direction and Purpose and they have been able to wrestle much out of the influences to create a sound that will play well with fans of Brit-pop as well as those who enjoy shoegaze.

Having gained some well deserved traction I ponder whether there is enough originality to make this a long term project, though I hope they prove me wrong in that thought, but either way for now – well worth getting to grips with Violet Class.


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