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UKID is a hip-hop rock band from Glastonbury in England. Back in 2010 Ben-Jah (Lead Vocals), Glenn (Guitar), KJ (Bass), Joey (Drums) set out to make a difference, now having completed University they are even more determined.



A combination which just demands attention – the geography of Glastonbury and Hip-Hop, not to mention rock. Reminding me somehow of 1984 * the sounds of industrial chaos reverberate of post 2008 Socio- Democratic Capitalism – decayed, corrupt and self-destructive.

I like the way UKID is able to make a rhyme of a genre definition, but more importantly how they have gnawed to the bones of hip-hop and rock, discarded the fat and gristle and reconfigured a new skeleton on which they have built a raw and finely honed sound that permeates of rotting flesh. I have one minor criticism of the band, which doesn’t detract at all from the material and is possibly a developmental conundrum – the structures have a danger of tipping in to such defined robustness that it becomes ‘constructed’ which sits at a peculiar angle towards the ‘boxed thinking’ against which the out-put rails. These guys just need to have more faith in the powerful imagery which is evoked by the music, without feeling they need to take the audience by the hand to the promised land. This confidence will come with time and as I said a minor personal concern.

With a strong and ever growing live performance track-record behind them, I would posit an evening in their presence would enliven the listening and engagement experience, as I can’t  imagine a dry shirt in the room.


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