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Toodar from London, England have been gaining increasing coverage as IsabelJamesTom and Oli pour out their enchanting melodic electro-pop to an enthusiastic following. With a new EP – Bluebird due out in the early part of 2012, they have already made waves with their eye catching video and live performances.



I am writing this article on a late Sunday morning and the music suits perfectly. There is an unhurried measure to the music as Toodar take the time to develop the storyline behind a veil of a gentle waterfall of music. No, I can’t say this sits as natural territory to me, but that becomes irrelevant as the band’s enticing melodies are full of interest.

Even as numbers speed up to the dance floor, they maintain that relaxed style, which is their hallmark. Well rounded compositions gently weave their way in to the room encapsulating the audience in a soft grip.

While perfectly suited to a Sunday, Toodar equally, have a sound which will resonate with a late night buzzing crowd, as it contains the key ingredients of good-time music.


The single – Red – is available on Red - Single - Toodar*

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*Purchases made through the Red - Single - Toodar link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission.

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