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The Wry Dogs

The Wry Dogs came to my attention a few months ago and I have been trying to find time to get a review up on the indie bands blog.

The core members of the Wry DogsWayne Kelly and George Odom, who have been writing/recording/gigging together since 1996, started to get songs together in 2009 for the band – made up of Wayne Kelly (vocals, guitar), George Odom (guitar, keys, vocals and anything else he can get his hands on,  Matt Holt (bass, vocals) and Steve Gregson (drums and percussion). Based in Leicester, they are beginning to stretch their gigging tentacles beyond home territory.

The Wry Dogs

The Wry Dogs

It is always a pleasure to catch a band in development and The Wry Dogs sit in that category nicely.  I normally don’t review bands that I think are still in development stage, as it may seem unfair and superficially critical, but The Wry Dogs seem to have something to offer now.

There is a danger that they could slip between the cracks of Brit-Pop cliché, but they appear to be far too capable writers and musicians to fall in to this trap, with their highly echoed guitars and catholic mix of influences.

I really enjoy how they manage to make my ears and brain hark back to bands which have never sat comfortably in my head, such as Blur and The Beatles (what is it with The Beatles, two reviews in a row and they come up) yet make me want  to keep listening, damn there is even some Pulp in there.

I see this as a band in development, but for some reason I want to hear where they go next. I think The Wry Dogs have much to offer, but are just not confident in their own output. Their eclectic range of tracks tells me this is a band which just needs to relax and believe in themselves, it all seems slightly timid, perhaps that is just the mixes I have heard as I have not had the opportunity to see them live.

Red White and Blue, which you can find on their myspace page is imaginative, fun and creative, take a listen and you will hear what I mean about their timidity. The composition is superb. Keep going down this line guys.

Of course, I like the track Dolly Wants to Rock it, with the early Banshees type drum but this doesn’t show them at their best, but does show how well they can play.

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