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The Redundants

The Redundants is a four piece alternative indie band from Winchester in England. Made up of 4 school friends Matt Colwell (Guitar and Vocals), Jonny Thwaites (Bass), Ross Fagelton (Guitar) and Sam Schlich Davies (Drums).

The Redundants

The Redundants


This is an exciting band who will be well worth getting to know in the early stages of their music career. The material is a scintillating mix of blues, progressive rock and teenage angst. The members of the band are all just 15 and 16 ( that is the only reference I will make to the ages of the musicians).

Everyday concerns and future prospects are the core lyrical context of the band, which is woven in to classical progressive rock guitar-riffs. The sheer juxtaposition between the minutiae of life inside big stage instrumental is a highly engaging sound in which to wallow. As may be expected material is a little sparse as of now, but new material is rolling off the blocks and I look forward to hearing how these guys develop.

The band works together like seasoned artists who have wandered across the biggest stadiums, this confidence musically doesn’t veer in to cockiness, in fact I received an almost self-effacing introduction from Matt. They are looking for a manager and I am almost tempted to step outside my self imposed embargo.

The Redundants is a prime example of why the UK remains one of the world bastions for independent and original music. The material is superbly constructed, but doesn’t step outside the relevance of where the guys focus – the complexities of life – which they are able to transpose to a musical score and deliver to the audience as a fait accompli.

Thanks for taking the time to email me Matt and please keep doing more of what you guys are doing.


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