The Puppeteers

The Puppeteers from Leeds in England is a four piece rock band comprising - Luke Kenna (Guitar / Vocals), Tom Sloman (Guitar), Eleanor Clowes (Bass) and Marcus Chavasse (Drums).

The Puppeteers is a rock band from England.

The Puppeteers

Derived from blues influenced rock The Puppeteers play around with various speeds and inferences to generate music that captivates. Surprisingly empathetic songs float out of the speakers whilst encased inside a tight and well focussed overall sound.

Less than a year into existence the quartet have a confident style which belies the duration of The Puppeteers and judging by the start, they have the potential to go along way. Delightful guitar swirls around the basic structure giving the tracks plenty for the listener to take in, whilst simultaneously setting a purposeful direction of travel.

It is not a style of music which naturally fits into my brain, but they have been able to formulate compositions which will appeal to audiences from a disparate range of genres. I particularly enjoy the softness of the melodies which allow the notes to be fully explored whilst the underlying rock formulation keeps focus clearly in the spotlight.

Having said all that, I also feel more engaged when the band goes back to more core based derivatives with a harder edge. The fact that they are able to play around with a variety of tempos and for it all to sound natural is a testament both to the song-writing abilities and the competence of the musicians.

I look forward to hearing more from The Puppeteers.


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