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The Milk Bar

The Milk Bar is an alternative Indie Rock Band from London in England. Leon Milk, Ben Sands and Ginger Drage played Open Mic nights until earlier in 2012 they decided to make a break for it.

The Milk Bar

The Milk Bar

This is a sound with which I am immediately able to identify. Simply shrouded sounds weave their waves in to the room landing in the ears like a homing pigeon. The music is laid out in easy to understand compositions and the influences dating back from The Kinks, through UB40 are slipped comfortably through the speakers as the powerful and relevant lyric combine with the subulates of instrumentation spear the audience.

When delivering skeletal composition it is easy to over complicate as a recompense, but to the credit of the trio they pare the material back further to deliver a sound that is powerful by its mere ease and fractures. Sitting in the mid-registers, even the bottom bass notes sound as though they are keyed to the E on the lead with the strings taut tight.  The mastery of the mid section is the power behind The Milk Bar as it adds an urgency and panic to the material, in some ways I am reminded of The Suburbs who thrived on this exposition.

As a new formation The Milk Bar have plenty of directions in which they could develop, so it with interest I keep my ears open for future tracks.


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