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The Manic Shine

The Manic Shine, a four piece alternative progressive rock band from London in England. Ozzie Rodgers (Lead Vocals / Guitars), Orren Karp (Backing Vocals / Guitars), Hutch Hutchison (Bass) and Tamir Karp (Drums / Backing Vocals) recently released their debut album Blindsider.

The Manic Shine

The Manic Shine

The Manic Shine offer a journey, which is well worth taking the time to enjoy. Casting aside prescriptive song structures, without ripping the envelope to shreds. The quartet showcase clever song writing abilities  accompanied by equally capable musicianship. The ears are entertained by wow-guitar, sharp off-beat guitar, hummed drums and bouncing drum-kits during the travel. The material is paced to ensure the listener remains engaged whilst feeling almost suspended in time, this is in no small part, due to the way that the songs are put together. Where the brain anticipates a chorus, a crescendo of instrumentation takes its place, throwing all pre-conceptions out of the window.

There is a scintillating and shifting sound-scape on offer and much like the guilty pleasure of a  box of chocolates, you know it is unjustified, but somehow ‘just ‘one more’ is the only way the brain can react and so the head is satiated by spending considerable time in the company of The Manic Sunshine.


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