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The Lucid Dream

The Lucid Dream is a psychedelic rock band from Carlisle in England. Back in 2008 Mark Emmerson (Vocals / Guitar), Wayne Jefferson (Guitar / Vocals), Mike Denton (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Luke Anderson (Drums / Percussion) got together and the band has gone from strength to strength.

The Lucid Dream

The Lucid Dream

When the website started there were two self imposed promises made: 1. All emails would be read and 2. all submissions listened to. Fortunately there wasn’t a time-scale set as here I find myself writing about a band that was introduced to me on the 7th November 2010 by Laurence Smith at 360 Degree Music. I wish I could assure you that there aren’t any older emails than this, but unfortunately there are. So if you have sent a submission and haven’t heard back - stick with me. I will get there. Enough of my confessions.

…. The Lucid Dream…. Superb.

After nearly two years I think I owe a little more than that.

You know that view you get through morning mist of shadows and a really hazed perspective? Well, transpose that to music and you will find The Lucid Dream. Neatly fuzzed and reverbed guitar loom out of the speakers, whilst an incessant rumbling bass and percussion can be heard roaring in the background, with a vocal echoing in to view ahead of a steamroller of sound that is upon you before you can perceive it.

My advice for best listening, rack up all the tracks you can assemble, don a Kaftan, draw the curtains, turn up the bass and hit play. Eventually you will emerge having been on a superb and pleasant psychotropic journey of sound – just don’t wait the best part of two years so to do.


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