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The Invisible Gentry

The Invisible Gentry an alternative indie rock quintet from London in England is made of by Enza Durban (Vocals), James Fox (Guitars), Dave Twinn (Guitars), John Twinn (Bass) and Luke Hollingworth (Drums).

The Invisible Gentry

The Invisible Gentry

It is rare to find such a powerful vocal outside the remit of Classical and Opera singers, The Invisible Gentry have a powerhouse of a vocalist who is the stunning core that the ears cannot miss. Even more engaging to my pernickety ears the enunciation is as clear as lead crystal glass. Were that all, I would not be asking you to take the time to consider the band as worth a slice of your time.

The music is superbly constructed and flows like the fur over the shoulders of a stalking cat. If I were a player, I wouldn’t know whether to be pleased there was such a high quality singer, or be slightly irritated that the compositions are lost a little behind that lyric. In the end I don’t think it matters as one without the other wouldn’t add up to the sum of the whole.

This is so far away from my natural stomping ground, drawing references from psychedelia and stadium pop rock, I think I need a map to find the way back home. But one thing I am certain of, I am delighted I travelled out this way and found The Invisible Gentry to add to my  ’don’t forget this’ playlist.


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