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The Harbour

The Harbour is an indie rock band from Brighton in England comprising Max Winter (lead vocals / guitar / keyboard), Alfie Dillon-Reams (lead guitar / backing vocals / saxophone), Kit Simmonds (bass / backing vocals / keyboard / harmonica) and Matt Robson (drums/ cello / backing vocals).

The Harbour

The Harbour

With so much instrumentation to hand you may anticipate The Harbour bring out all the kit at once to demonstrate versatility and in the meantime loose the plot, but they don’t as there is a powerful undertow of emotion which is delivered within the context of quiet melodies in which the listener is cocooned inside the atmosphere.

The Harbour subtly add the textures and layers, leaving the audience to enjoy the clarity of the arrangements. Only formed last year, the quartet display incredible musical maturity and one is left with the sense they have been listening to a band with many years experience behind them.

This is music which takes the listener on a journey inside their own head as the band layout the framework for an introspective examination with a downy symphony of music for the brain to interpret. By tampering the levels The Harbour is able to challenge the audience to respond and the musics immediately fills the room with billowing layers of smoke and an hypnotic vocal captures the mind taking it calmly on the journey of discovery.

It will be interesting to find out how the quartet develop in time, they should fare well judging by the abilities thus far displayed as they emerge from the starting blocks.


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