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The Future Shape of Sound

The Future Shape of Sound is a London UK based project spearheaded by - Alex McGowan and singer Big Daddy Kai, with Nomtai Mabo, Giacomo Braghi, Kevin Synnott, Julie Thorp and Danielle Mittee & The Meyer Dancers. Having started life in 2009, they have delighted fans of Northern Soul and Scratchy Blues with both their live performances and their recorded releases.

The Future Shape of Sound

The Future Shape of Sound

Somedays the ears just want to hear a good time and the feet want to tap along to a decent tune and that is precisely what The Future Shape of Sound deliver in spades.

With the helping of talent in the collective, it would be easy for egos to bruise and bump, instead of which the whole delivery is at the ideal pitch, nothing too stretching for the listener to grab hold of, but sufficient oomph to get them involved.

Vocals as delicious as the froth on a latte macchiato, are integral to raising the band to the forefront, as not only does the wash of music keep the audience engaged, but the scintillating vocal creates a velvety layer to the whole output.

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I’m looking forward to their next release, due later this year.

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