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The Blue Collars

Rob Morris (Vocals), Simon Taylor (Guitar), Rob Henton (Bass), Jake Grocott (Guitar) and Kris Hassall (Drums) make up the five piece indie rock band The Blue Collars from Stoke-on-Trent in England.

The Blue Collars

The Blue Collars

This is another Ronseal Band who fill me with a smile – Let’s step back a moment – Ronseal band? Well we did that sometime in 2011, you haven’t read the website enough – It does as it says on the tin.

This is a superlative, tightly wrapped reflective of the world around. The listener is taken through tours of the silhouettes of discarded and disbanded empty factories.   Through the trough of despair the quintet raise a fist of anger and more than that a direction to an open space and possibility.

There is no pretence in the tightly woven music that emerges through the speakers. Sharply placed drums ring like a production line metronome whilst the instruments weave a tour of angst and above it all rises a desolate vocal as the wringing lyrics tell the story of the reality of The Blue Collars. This is music precisely of its time and a sound that should already be carved in the embers of 2008 -.

I would guess a great night out if the recorded material is anything to go by.


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