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Welcome to Spiders a three piece indie-pop band from Sheffield in England. For over a year now Rob TingleNick Monk and Adam Tingle have been plying their wares with considerable success.



It always amazes me how I have not so far met a duplicate band name. I also ponder from time to time about how a band may perceive my genre definition.

Speaking of which.  I spoke to my sister this afternoon and we had a disagreement over a ‘,’ prior to an ‘and’. Her argument lucidly put, being, if you write ‘For Breakfast I had Eggs and Bacon and Toast and Marmalade’ there is a legitimate ‘,’ prior to the ‘and’ preceding ‘Toast’. I argue the sentence is so grammatically flawed as to be incomprehensible and should be: ‘I had, for Breakfast, eggs and bacon followed by toast and marmalade.’ Anyway, does that get us any further with Spiders?

The material spins its way out of the speakers, forming a web of darting silk across the room as the flowing guitar foils with a penetrating percussion, whilst the languid vocal forms the connectors. This is a delightful sound that engages the body in an incisive delirium of dance. For a change, I would like to hear longer compositions. Part-way dancing through the room the music leaves me in a pass-the-parcel frozen statue.

Spiders has much to add to the world of indie-pop and I just hope they let their tracks flow for longer whilst the dance rhythms take the listener on a spin around the room once or twice, or maybe even more.


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