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Rugosa Nevada

Rugosa Nevada an indie rock band from Derby in England comprises of Dan Holdsworth (Vocals), Dan Burchell (Guitar), Drew Davis (Bass) and John Bullock (Drums) and they have a new release Verona, due out on 17th March 2012.

Rugosa Nevada

Rugosa Nevada

I have had the opportunity to listen to the new release, which finds the band has grown in composition and sound structure, this will be a great release which finds the band exploring bass and space to potentially take their profile a higher notch.

Whilst the development has found the band heading more mainstream, this transition has not been at the cost of originality. Listening to material of various ages, the progression of the band is evident, much like a taking a wine En primeur, there is ever the chance the investment would be pointless, with Rugosa Nevada it appears that investment has already reaped dividends and who knows how much better they will become.

The band play with assurance as they carefully till the land seeking out new nuggets, which they have carefully nurtured. They are not seeking to set new directions, rather add a layer of value to an existing genre and their distinctive vocal and guitar lends that added something.


The EP – Until Bleeding is available on Until Bleeding - EP - Rugosa Nevada*

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