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Robot Company

Robot Company is an alternative indie rock band from Birmingham in England. M. Scott Bishop (vocal / guitar), Simon Heydecker-Dent  (vocal / bass) and Ian Shirley (drums) have been together since September 2011.

Robot Company

Robot Company

I often wonder about band names and why they are selected, having been in two, it mattered hugely at the time and I can get a sense of why the Robot Company appears here. There are two elements I pick-up on. The music is quite upright, when you get to the listening part that will make more sense and having had the joy of visiting Birmingham through various motorways and even on rail, I assure you, if you have never been, you just get that feeling that you are entering a soulless automaton, the environs are that unwelcoming, but the centre rides a different space entirely.

The mellowness sits comfortably with what has been an extremely windy day, but has now settled down to a quiet evening, the material also sits neatly with a long day and a warming cup of coffee whilst I listen to the chords emerging from the speakers.

I had to have  a re-check a few times that there are only three members in the band, as the sound-scape covers a broad canvass and with a slight Americana lilting, I also had to reconfirm this was Birmingham in the West Midlands not Birmingham Alabama, but all fits the data. An engaging use of highly fuzzed and time-delayed guitar resonates with intrigue against a thumping bass and drum, whilst the vocal lifts the whole piece in to a different flight-path.


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