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MAUD is an alternative electro-synth trio based in London – England. The band members –  Maud Waret (Vocals / Violin),  Nikolaj Bjerre (Percussion) and  Philippe Locke (Keyboards / Guitar / Bass) developed organically from a vague exchange of song ideas back in 2005 to a more solid formation and direction of travel in 2011.




A blend of Sub-Sahara African tones and West African drums are combined with European influences using analogue synths and rock instruments to create a style of music that resonates with the listener on many levels. Easy on the ears yet the waves of depth of styles makes it music that is demanding of attention.  Having made the occasional foray in to the live scene, MAUD - after the release of their debut EP – The Navigation – are back in the studio completing an LP.

The very nature of the blend enables the trio to explore wide spaces and the gently haunting vocal style by Maud, lends the band a somewhat Scandinavian feel – with that sense of isolated introspective togetherness I have often described in the alternative scene in from the far north of Europe.

The material MAUD produces is itself on point for longer releases as the more time you spend in the space, the more powerfully the sounds connect allowing the head to free itself and explore the diversity emerging in to the room. With the vocal switching between French and English this adds a clever additional twist to the production.

Ideally suited to the festival circuit it will be interesting to see them crop up on the circuit over the next couple of years to see how things develop as I understand there is a consideration of expanding the line-up to as many as five players.


The Navigation – EP – Maud is available on iTunes*.

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