Matt Finucane

Matt Finucane from Brighton in England is in the process of putting a band together for a tour later in 2012, for now he is a solo artist with a sharp line in acerbic wit and a leaning towards alternative rock with early Bowie and The Velvet Underground references.

Matt Finucane

Matt Finucane

There is a rich vein of this style of raising an eyebrow at the minutiae of life that lies inside many English rock writers and  it sits along the self-effacing nature of alternative comedy ranging back to the likes of TW3 and Derek & Clive. If you get what is being referenced it strikes a chord, if not,  in this case the music tells a superb story anyway.

The music itself isn’t happy to follow traditional path-lines and Matt Finucane pulls the listener through the long-grass on an interesting journey. The bass textures create a theme to the view under the rocks of life, whilst the guitar circulates in its own whirlpool, along side which the vocal lies as a perfect foil to the material with a deeply resonating pitch.

It isn’t Leonard Cohen territory, but you are certainly left in no doubt that life is not that happy shiny place preached by many a head in the clouds. With a new album set for release at the end of July, Glow in the Dark, which will undoubtedly be a pleasure for the ears in which to engage themselves.


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