Matchbox Heroes

Matchbox Heroes is an indie-pop band from Norwich in England. Brothers - Chris Walker (Guitars, Vocals) and Andy Walker (Percussion, Guitars, Vocals) are the core of the band, taking responsibility on recordings. Joined by Jason and Becca in electric live performance and represented by Chris alone for acoustic gigs.

Matchbox Heroes indie pop from England

Matchbox Heroes

Similar to the vagaries of the line-up, the music changes as moods take Matchbox Heroes, from classic middle of the road rock to sparkly pop. They handle it all with considerable confidence and provide the listener with plenty to grab hold of. To be fair, none of it sits within my natural space, but their able compositions stand out by themselves regardless of genre definition.

Perhaps it is the very Radio Friendly nature of the sounds that I don’t quite gel with, but inside the easy listening is a solid base of song-writing ability which transcends initial impressions. A well developed guitar is worked with an effective percussion which gives the meat to the material and the combination of the two work particularly well with some really enjoyable guitar work.

For me, this sits in the curiosities playlist, but for those who enjoy their rock music at a more readily accessible level, I can see Matchbox Heroes rising up the barometer as the more the music is listened to, the more there is on offer and I wish the band all the best for the future.

Having only formed in April 2012 they have been busy with recordings, having two EPs behind them already.


Nice to Know You – EP – Matchbox Heroes is available on iTunes*

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