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Magic Carpet Factory

Magic Carpet Factory a Rock ‘n’ Roll band from Hessle in England is a four-piece made up of Adam Des Forges (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals), Richard White (Drums), Sam Holness (Lead Guitar) and Tom Briggs (Bass).

Magic Carpet Factory

Magic Carpet Factory

Everything you could possibly need for a sojourn around blues rock lies herein, strangely it emanates from the North East of England. The quartet are able to slope the blues inside a resonating landscape which takes the listener on a journey from ’50s rock, through Brit-Pop to Shoegaze in an echo chamber that makes sense as the musicians are evidently highly skilled including use of significant damping on lead to an echoed and reverbed rhythm - which is something of a cute touch,  to create a whole new sound-structure, yet they don’t stretch the mind too far from the  blues anthems which form the core of the structures.

At the early stages of their career this Magic Carpet of a ride is a perfectly natural space to explore – to my ears – they work well in the New Wave recollections of Joy Division et al, in their rootsy 50′s rock-a-billy – but –  when they head to the spaces of shoegaze their abilities are best exposed with a delightful addition of a heavy bass line

the quartet create something that really is attractive to the ears.

I look forward to hearing how things develop for Magic Carpet Factory and somehow, I feel they will soon be heading to a far wider coverage and I hope they don’t loose that originality as their career in the music industry develops.

That last paragraph reminds me of a conversation I recently had with a PR specialist for whom I have considerable time, about a different act that will be appearing on the site soon, who knew the ‘Press Release’ talking about rising up the charts would make my blood boil as an introducer email, but took the time to fend my eyes from the spiel and steer my ears take a listen to some superbly original sounds.


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