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Lost State of Dance

Lost State of Dance are a band from Hartlepool in England. The four piece electro-indie out-fit who have been around since 2006, comprise of Daniel Drinkwater (Vocals / Synths / Guitar), Steven Armstrong (Drums), Sherilyn Anjelika Oliphant (Bass / Backing Vocals / Guitar) and Louise Bourne (Bass / Vocals) and are in the studio as I write preparing new material for 2012. I make that a lot of bass and how could I not be intrigued.

Lost State of Dance

Lost State of Dance

Lost State of Dance proclaim – ‘We don’t want to change the world we want to make you feel good for three and a half minutes’… well I am still feeling good now, so mission accomplished.

I am reminded of the New Romatics of the early ’80s with a synth whirring away, behind a guitar led band, given space to let the listener know it is an integral part of the music, in much the same way that guitars and drums are given an outing by many Rock Bands.

The bass is surprisingly muted as Lost State of Dance wind their way through some pretty energetic music, which has that dance beat beloved of the genre, which works neatly. Each instrument seems to be given space to play, in what should theoretically be a discordant sound, but it isn’t and full credit to the band for pulling off so much open room in a confined space.

Sometimes I do actually read what I have written before hitting the publish button and I just had a look at ‘…full credit to the band for pulling off so much open room in a confined space…’ What does that mean? Well I was trying to portay the idea that the band don’t actually play many notes, yet manage to convey the impression that there is much more happening, which is due to the way that the instruments play ‘individual parts’ that manage to come together just before the amplifier let’s the sound rip in to the room.

Lost State of Dance make a welcome debut on the indie bands blog and I look forward to hearing what studio times bring.

Now I always suggest bands maintain there own website and on days like today when I can’t access facebook, it makes sense. Here is their Reverbnation page.

War Against is available on War Against - Single - Lost State of Dance*

It was a year ago that Band Control Records made contact with me, got there in the end and pleased I did.

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