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Let’s Go Safari

Let’s Go Safari is from Poole in England and is made of Ryan Wood (Vocals), Clive Robert Coats (Guitar / programming / vocals), Oli Crisp (Bass) and James Mosley (Drums) producing a bounding alternative indie pop sound that grips the ears, hips and feet.

Let's Go Safari

Let’s Go Safari

The delight to hear this emanating from Poole, Dorset in the UK will be lost on those with no idea of where this lies. There are centres around the world in which people head to retire and I look forward to that myself – Florida in the USA and Dorset in England are two of those places. I love this music for what it is. I am half ensconced in East Anglia, the home to English introversion, where an outsider, is growled at, an outsider is someone who can’t demonstrate lineage dating back three generations in the same house. Dorest, whilst not as introspective, is a space in which revolution is Let’s Go Safari and I adore them for that.

I am not seeking to denigrate the music for that naivety, as it is that puppy freshness which raises it way above the clouds demanding of attention.

Please Let’s Go Safari, don’t do what so many bands from your area do and migrate to Brighton, this is an absolute delight as it is and doesn’t need any finesse or veneer of indie-pop acceptability. Well worth a trip to Dorset to catch live I would suggest to get the full flavour. Which appositely reminds me of Julie, who managed to flood a dance floor of a Hotel on Bournemouth seafront as she blithely left the bath running.


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