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Kitten Pyramid

Kitten Pyramid is a progressive rock band from Derby in England, who could also perhaps be called a collective as the line up has a core of six -  Rob Redfern (Drums), Gemma Bower (Flute /Sax / Vocals), Chris Baldwin (Piano / Guitar / Vocals), Dan Baker (Guitar / Vocals), Mark Hamon (Bass / vocals) and Scott Milligan (Guitar /Vocals) – plus guests as and where it makes sense.

Kitten Pyramid is a progressive rock band from England

Kitten Pyramid

Steeped in the mysteries of ’70s prog rock with all it’s fluctuations, interjections and tangents, Kitten Pyramid nonetheless have something of interest to the ears that is accessible. They have added the flavours not through self-indulgence but through the wide range of players and instruments at their disposal and the tracks follow a direction of travel which doesn’t loop so far into itself that the only way to understand it is to be tripping out on LSD.

Equally, whilst resonating of past derivatives, Kitten Pyramid have taken current day reference points to create sounds which speak of the here and now. Yes, you will need to be in the right headspace to enjoy this to the full, and the time to dwell in the music, but there is something rewarding available should you so choose.

With a new LP – Uh Oh set for release imminently they have a new single by the same name out now. This particular track is perhaps as near to mainstream as Kitten Pyramid get.


Uh Oh – Single – Kitten Pyramid is available on iTunes*.

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