Kenelis is an rock band based in Brighton (England). Centred around Mel Sanson (Vocals /Guitar /Keys) who plays in session with Kai Smith / Jack Rowan (Guitar), Tristian Hall (Bass) and Matt Caello / Ryan Hot (Drums).



The ears need to be prepared for a thorough workout as the music comes tumbling through the room in a flash-mob of drum and guitar. High tempo energetic rock is contained within a sound that retains direction and order, which enables the listener to gain maximum enjoyment from the out-put as the material is delivered by a highly capable group of musicians.

With a performance pedigree behind them Kenelis is able to mix and match with confidence and this self-assured delivery provides a strong base from which the band is able to express their high octane music which settles on the listener with clarity. Developing an ever higher festival and venue visibility which combined with the release of Move in late December 2012 positions them well to gain significant traction during the course of 2013.

Whilst playing with confidence they do not shirk away from the essential ingredient of a good quality rock band as they express themselves with clarity and energy and the overall package provides the edge to the sounds they are able to proffer.

I still haven’t been able to fathom why this is described as a session act – though I a assuming it is to do with Mel having moved from London to Brighton – so I must catch up with Mel in the near future to let you know more.


Move is available on Move - EP - Kenelis*

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