Josephine Oniyama

Josephine Oniyama is a solo artist from Manchester in England, who has been composing and performing since she was 15.



Influences from her home town of Manchester and her Mothers West African heritage, integrate to an evocative and remarkable presentation. A powerful voice is showcased by thoughtfully crafted music and composition, enabling Josephine to create a sound which at once is fragile yet remarkably confident.

The simplicity is exquisite as the vocal is permitted to soar or fail purely on its merit. Whilst the structure of this folk inspired music is simple, it is that very naivety which makes the output so powerful. I am reminded of Eva Cassidy as the pure vocal provides the driving force to guitar chords some octaves lower. Each standing on their own merit, yet gaining incredible resonance and power from their combination.

‘A Freak A’ homemade video

Josephine | Myspace Music Videos

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