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Jamie West

Jamie West is a folk-pop singer songwriter from London, England, who gained considerable exposure when he won the young busker of the Year Competition for 2009/10.

Jamie West

Jamie West

This morning has been one full of smiles and Jamie keeps up the good vibe with the lilting guitar and vocal with which he has become synonymous. There is nothing challenging about the sound emerging, but the acerbity is held inside the lyric.

I have noticed that there are a number of bands wandering around the UK, which combine heart-felt emotions wrapped in an almost comedic construction. Is this the new ‘Alternative Comedy’ I wonder?

There is a toe-stomping wholesomeness to the material which has that inexplicable attraction of naivety. A delight to start the weekend as I write.

Naturally evolved over time Jamie West now performs with an full supporting cast and the sound has developed a more mature critique of the world around, yet retains the roots of the sound.


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