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Hunting Ulysses

Hunting Ulysses is a lo-fi Indie Rock band from Herne Bay in England. The trio of Dan Small (Guitar / Vocals), Nick Emmerson (Bass / Vocals) and Will Huttley (Drums / Vocals) have a new EP set for release imminently.

Hunting Ulysses

Hunting Ulysses

The rumbling bass thumps through my ears with pleasure as the band pare back the music to its rawest form, which is enhanced by the lo-fi reproduction and then unexpectedly from the speakers shimmers delightful Morricone influenced shoegaze which just lifts the whole out-put in to another dimension.

Hunting Ulysses has been round for a while, but chosen to remain hidden behind the chalk cliffs, this year however they have broadened their space and are setting out to tour along with their aforementioned EP coming out late 2012.

Whilst the notes are simple, the band mix a fair melange in to each track giving a surprisingly big sound, which captures the listener in the moment.  I find myself thinking of the growling menace of the UK Subs as I listen to the band.

I hope their emergence from Thanet will prove successful as this is a band I really enjoy listening to and I fear if they don’t meet immediate applause, they may decide to hide away again for a few years, which would be a great loss to the world of music. The material whilst core focussed on the sweaty venue would equally play well to a broader audience as there are some interesting twists they add to the music they deliver.


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