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Haydons Place

Haydons Place is a rock band from Guildford in England comprising Christian Bell-YoungAntonio DawkinsTerry Wilkinson and Steven Wilkinson.

Haydons Place

Haydons Place

Not quite sure why I am intrigued by these guys, which is a pretty weak opener to a review I hope you will read with intense concentration and enlightenment.

Having  been around for a while the band had that ‘Road to Damascus’ moment with a release which made sense to them. In addition they talk about climbing mountains and as someone, never happier than when battling the elements half-way up a mountain in the dark in mid-winter, I kind of get an empathy. So instead of listening with a half-open ear, I let the ear-drums and brain relax before hitting the play button and I found…. Confidence, calmness and direction.

No, I can’t say that this will sit on my must play next list, but my constraints are but a personal bondage, Haydon’s Place add some real value to the world of music as they wrest the maximum from a genre which has in-built expectations. The ingredients of whipped guitar, drum and bass in cohesion and a tenor timbre which hits the sweet spot are all there. But, more than this there is a self-confidence, the band are not trying to sound like someone else.

While I wont be returning every five minutes – though I highly recommend the band for those for whom Genesis and ELO are breakfast fare – I raise my hat to Haydons Place and long may you keep this individualism going.

Gears was the turning point.


Gears is available on Gears - EP - Haydons Place*

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