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Governor’s Luck

Governor’s Luck is an new wave band from Tiptree in England formed  when Jack Horscraft (Vocals), Manny Martinez (Bass), George Horscraft (Guitar) and Ben Daniels (Drums / Programming / Keys) got together in January 2011.

Governor's Luck
Governor’s Luck

What I find particularly fascinating about the current New Wave scene is how more melodic and layered it has become. Essentially at the core we have The Jam for the 2010′s, but with the addition, instead of finding myself falling into a foaming rage, I am engaged.

The borders of London retain the essential rage which has lived within the suburbs for decades behind the twitching net-curtains that drove Betjeman to that same state of foam. But look under the paved pathways and neat lawns you find and ever will, a seething vicissitude of the disaffected buffered against the smug middle classes of the British Psyche. It is from this banal surrounding that Governor’s Luck reach out their flashing claws to rent the metronome of commuter life asunder.

It is of little surprise that Essex houses some of the most disaffected bands along with some of the most banal and has done for some considerable time, as ever since Thatcher they have been stereotyped as the  ’focus group’ called Essex Man / Woman – the very dead centre dull uniformity – by politicians and reality television alike – sheep in line to be steered, veered and cheered at a whim. So from that cesspit of wannabes who will never be, arise bands such as Governor’s Luck who sweep aside the velvet rope to remind the world of the reality of life.

Enough of the politics you say – what about the band….

Governor’s Luck have a tight sound that is rooted in the off-beat of Reggae and Northern Soul and take the occasional step in to ska derivatives. The  sounds are led by an omnipresent beat that registers the sub-woofer whilst a tight guitar plays in sympathy as the music frames the lyrics that sheer out of the speakers like a harpoon spearing fish.

A new release – their debut EP - The Rumour Mill – finds them in fine fettle for 2013 and I would expect, we have caught them at a similar point to the development of Missing Andy when the Indie Bands Blog reviewed them back in 2010 – in other words – expect to hear much more very soon.

Fairly typically of me – this isn’t their core sound – but – what a great tune -


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