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Gold Skies Ahead

Gold Skies Ahead is the indie rock band of Jimmy (Vocals), Kenzi (Guitar / Vocals), Jack (Lead Guitar), Joe (Drums) and Jonny (Bass) from Bedford in England.

Gold Skies Ahead

Gold Skies Ahead

Having been around for about three years now Gold Skies Ahead have honed their craft to a great extent. An American indie-pop sound to them sits strangely to my ears for a band based only a few miles from me, which they nevertheless serve up with a soubriquet of Brit-rock to throw the ears something new to grapple with.

Relentless percussion and bass are swathed with surfing serenades with a hint of Green Day….. Some may argue that the surfy happy plastic of the Californian band is edgy though why I can’t imagine, unless they have no sense of the value of music other than it comes with an endorsement, which I guess is partly to explain why I rail so much against so called ‘punk bands’ of an irrelevant age attempting to cash in – to me it is commercial tacky pop music of the MTV generation…. to get back to Gold Skies Ahead, who to their credit avoid many of the clichés, as underscoring the material is a sense of powerful rock engagement.

They are still in developmental stages and I trust they maintain credibility rather than chasing the A&R scorecard of the likes of Sony Music.

For now – some real joy to be had from their genuine sound, I fear however this is a band who will melt in to the pot of  ’Those who forgot why they ever started to play’. I urge their fans to pull them back from that vortex of spiralling nothingness.


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